Like father, like sons!

Obama: ” I said that this could have been my son. Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago”. Herd of Obama’s children at work – they like to steal (sorry, wrong word – redistribute wealth).  And, btw, recently new Black Lives Matter organizer became “professor” at Harvard Divinity (!) School where he promotes looting.  Click here


When will liberal Jews learn?

Liberal Jews are up in arms blasting Ben Carson for saying that “the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed”. Apparently Jews blindly trust UN, EU and Pharaoh Obama the Zero’s word that Jews an Jewish State will be safe under their wise protection. Have the Jews learned anything from their 4000 years old history?  Click here

Duplicity of Obama Administration’s policy toward Israel

When Israel accidentally hit UN school in Gaza behind which HAMAS terrorists set up their rocket launchers, State Dept IMMEDIATELY issued a statement that they were “appalled by disgraceful actions” of Israeli military. So AP reporter asks – after American Military recently accidentally hit “Doctors Without Borders” Hospital killing dozens of people – does this bombing also constitutes “appalling and disgraceful action”? Hear how State Dept unsuccessfully tries to wiggle out of the question! When Israel is treated using different, harsher standards – it is antisemitism, pure and simple.  Click here

Gun free zones

What a sweet irony! Just two weeks ago, a Waffle House in Nicholasville, Kentucky, refused to serve a uniformed National Guard soldier because he had his gun holstered in plain sight. A waitress told him he would have to leave his gun outside if he wanted service. Today, in another Waffle House, an armed customer successfully stopped the robbery. Of course, DOJ and UN Human Rights Council should immediately investigate the latest shooting as a blatant violation of the robber’s inalienable human right to steal.  Click here

Caution: undocumented democrats

Out of 538 electoral votes, 435 (number of people in the House) are selected based on the population census which (surprise!) includes illegal immigrants (undocumented workers – i.e. undocumented welfare recipients). If it were not the case, Republicans today would have at least 4 more representatives in the House and the same additional number of electoral votes. In addition, states like California (biggest # of illegals) do not require to show ANY documents to show citizenship – voting is intentionally based on “trust and not-verify” system. Considering that illegals vote 80% for the Democrats, and Obama;s push to add millions of illegals to the voter rolls, the system is obviously rigged. Click here


Lame stream media brainwashes American sheeple (again).

Oregon killer is “White supremacist”? His mother is black, his father is white. He practically never seen his father. Looks like Obama’s biography to me. Is Obama white also? Do white supremacists SELECTIVELY kill Christians? According to the witness, the gunmen asked victims about their religious believes and shot all Christians in the head while others in the legs. One thing is clear – this article is just another proverbial log in a fire of racial war initiated by Obama. Click here

Update: CNN photoshops killer’s picture to make him look like white.