“New and Improved” Middle East … in Germany’s refugee camps

Welcome to the new and improved Middle East… in Germany’s refugee camps. Apparently Europeans “bit off” more refugees than they can chew. It was not enough that Christians were thrown off the boats on the high seas by Muslim fanatics, now we have diversity in progress! Police calls for separation of refugees by religion, country of origin & gender. Muslims threaten Christians, Sunnis fighting Shiites, each of them fighting Kurds and Salafists, women are raped, forced to cover up, men are forced to pray. Local children are afraid to go to school alone, while UN/EU (as usual) blame Israel for all the troubles, and US is busy building separate transgender restrooms in public places! I am shocked! Shocked!  Clip from Casablanca – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjbPi00k_ME.  Article here


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