Why Palestinians don’t join Syrians and rush to Germany?

Great question & the answer is obvious. Quote: “So if Germany is so hospitable a place for unhappy Syrians – what’s wrong with the Palestinians? They are also unhappy. Why don’t they go?…. Is it because they have it so good in Israel? Israel is a land of freedom. Arabs enjoy all the freedoms enjoyed by Jews. [They are paid twice as much as what they get under Palestinian Administration.] So it is not necessary for the Palestinian Arabs to “seek a better life.” They already have it by staying put. [So] Why do they murder?”. The reason is simple. They are paid by the antisemitic UN, EU and other rich Arab countries to fight Israel. If there ever will be a peace between Israel and Palestinians , they (Palestinians) will become useless for the outside world. and that is the main reason why  peace between them is highly unlikely. Click here


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