Return of the inquisition tribunals

Universities are supposed to be a forum for the free expression of ideas, but not today. Twenty one university professors (religious believers in climate change) asked President Obama to use RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) criminal investigation against people who believe that climate change is not primarily caused by humans. Galileo must be turning in his grave right now.  Let us then restart torture chambers of the Middle Ages, dark dungeons and inquisition tribunals to “cure” these pesky climate change skeptics of their evil ideas. Let us use Federal prosecutors to hunt down those who disputed “global cooling” in 1970s, “global warming” in 1990s and “climate change” now (they even do not know themselves what they believe in!) And, on another hand,  let mighty God testify under oath that the Ice Age (and global warming after that) was not caused by human beings. Click here


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