Relocation of Syrian refugees to the US (LosGatos, San Jose, Sacramento, SF, LA…..)

Here is a list of 190 locations where Syrian Muslim refugees will be processed in the United States (Obama wants to accept around 100,000 – no vetting, no background checks, no consultations with Congress) .According to ISIS – there are thousands of terrorists among them, some are already arrested in Europe. In California – there will be 4 refugee processing centers in San Jose, 4 in Sacramento, more in Modesto, Fresno, Oakland, San Francisco, LA, San Diego and other cities (total of 29 in CA). Mostly Christian and Jewish charities. Comrade Lenin said many years ago that “Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”. His words were right on the money then, and the same is applicable to Christians and Jews today with regards to Muslim refugees. Oh, and btw – Obama just refused to give an asylum to the Chaldean Christians from Iraq – burned, crucified and beheaded by ISIS – not a pip from the Christians – you can hear the crickets chirp. I presume they are too busy officiating gay marriages.

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