Russia, US and Iran and Al-Qaeda (!) fight together to defeat ISIS. Good luck!

Is this a weird “Coalition Of The Willing” or a newly formed “Axis of Evil”? Hard to say! Russia, Iran and US (uncommon allies always ready to start fighting between themselves) – all use military force in Syria to fight ISIS. Russia is involved in massive troop buildup there to have a foothold in the Middle East, Iranians also have boots on the ground to support Hezbollah terrorists. America is using military strikes against ISIS. Russia and Iran want to keep Assad in power – Obama does not know what he wants, and therefore, leading from behind. And now the latest: Ayman al-Zawahiri, who took over as leader of al-Qaeda, also declared war against the ISIS using his own terrorist forces. Classical example of Krylov’s fable:

One day a swan, a pike, a crab,
Resolved a load to haul;
All three were harnessed to the cart,
And pulled together all.
But though they pulled with all their might,
The cart-load on the bank stuck tight.
The swan pulled upward to the skies;
The crab did backward crawl;
The pike made for the water straight—
It proved no use at all!

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