In books for the young kids they often have two look-alike pictures and children are asked to find as many differences as they can. Well, I found quite a few of them between these two pictures. 1. Jews are kicked out of the houses and the country they lived in for generations – these refugees have no attachment to Europe. 2. Jews are kicked out to be murdered – these refugees are not. 3. There are no terrorists among jews killed in the occupied Lviv – there are among recent refugees. 4. Jews do not impose their religion on others – muslims do. 5. Jews live peacefully within other nations (2000 years of experience) and often assimilate – muslims do not. 6. Jews do not plan to establish their own world caliphate – muslims do. 7 Jews build synagogues next to the mosques and churches – muslims destroy churches and synagogues to build mosques in their place. 8. Jews do not cut heads of their daughters when they want to marry non-jews, muslims do



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