Russia and the West – different strategies in Syria

Some of the Russian troops are moving from Crimea to support Syrian dictator Assad. At least Russians know whom they want to help. Meanwhile, Obama and EU are totally confused – there are no “democrats” there, only vicious dictator and terrorist thugs of multiple sorts. For Israel it is the choice between the bad and the worse. In regards to European refugee problem (understanding that most of the tragic events happen in Syria, not in Europe – even though MSM talks mostly about refugee situation in Europe) – it will not be solved in Europe, but in the fight between Assad(Putin) and ISIS within Syria. And the more refugees Europe will accept, the more they will come. So look at Muslim immigrants in France, UK and Holland and see the future of Europe – assassinations, bomb threats, riots, burning cars, assaults on the police, disobedience and disrespect of the law.

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