NEWSPEAK for new genders

Remember Oakland Ebonic Language resolution proclaiming that so-called street spoken English is an official language of the Black Oaklanders and standard American English should be considered as foreign language for them? (…/ebonics/ebonics-res1.html) Now it’s time for re-education camp again! Get used to sentences like “Ze loves Hir Students”. Orwell’s NEWSPEAK is now promoted in American University, where students are instructed not to “assume the gender of a person,” explaining, “she/her/hers are NOT ‘female’ pronouns, and he/him/his are NOT ‘male’ pronouns.” The two page guide includes pronouns, “often used by trans, gender-queer, and gender non-conforming people,” like “ze,” “e or ey,” “per,” “hir,” “zir,” “em” and others. What can I say? Ey really lost hir/zir f&@#ing mind! Click here


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