“New and Improved” Middle East … in Germany’s refugee camps

Welcome to the new and improved Middle East… in Germany’s refugee camps. Apparently Europeans “bit off” more refugees than they can chew. It was not enough that Christians were thrown off the boats on the high seas by Muslim fanatics, now we have diversity in progress! Police calls for separation of refugees by religion, country of origin & gender. Muslims threaten Christians, Sunnis fighting Shiites, each of them fighting Kurds and Salafists, women are raped, forced to cover up, men are forced to pray. Local children are afraid to go to school alone, while UN/EU (as usual) blame Israel for all the troubles, and US is busy building separate transgender restrooms in public places! I am shocked! Shocked!  Clip from Casablanca – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjbPi00k_ME.  Article here


Play stupid games – win stupid prizes.

“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce”.  Karl Marx.  Lonnie and Sandy Phillips’ daughter, Jessica Ghawi, was murdered in the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre in 2012, so they decided to file a lawsuit to sue the bullet maker company. Fortunately, they lost. Click here

Atheist Ex-Muslim Banned From University. Militant Islamists Are Free To Roam!

I thought that all atheists are welcome to godless university campuses. Apparently not – some atheists are less equal than others. Title of the article – “Atheist Ex-Muslim Banned From University: ‘Could Incite Hatred’”. BTW – you will never see a headline like this: “Militant Muslim Banned From University: ‘Could Incite Hatred’”.  Click here

Here we go again! Let’s give mortgages to unqualified buyers

Works like a charm every time!
1. Under the threat of prosecution & being called racist – force banks to give mortgages to unqualified borrowers, disregarding their ability to pay
2. Create financial meltdown when they are unable to pay back.
3. Milk the crisis for all its worth (Don’t let crisis go to waste!)
4. Blame banks for “unwise”, “deceptive” loan practices
5. Fine banks billions of dollars
6. Let non-paying buyers keep their homes, cut their mortgage
obligations thus redistributing the wealth from rich to poor
7. Wait till dust settles, and start the process all over again

Click here

Egypt Army begins flooding Gaza tunnels

Well, some dictators are better than others. Previous Egypt’s dictator (supported by Obama) helped to build those tunnels. To protect his own country, Egypt’s El-Sisi began pumping sea water into the underground cross-border tunnels dug by HAMAS terrorists between its Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip in what appears to be a renewed campaign to stamp out terror activity along the border. The irony is not lost here: money to build these tunnels were/are provided by UN, US and EU.  Click here

Politically correct question gets politically correct answer.

Really? Recent poll shows that 69% of Americans would have risked the possible imprisonment and death to themselves & their families to hide Jews had they lived during WW2? Well, then I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge – under the threat of death there would be less than 50% who would protect their first cousins. Would be nice if 5-10% would do that! Click here