Slovakia refuses to take Muslim refugees

Poor Slovakia is now in the crosshairs of the UN – they refuse to take Muslims refugees. They agreed however to accept persecuted Christians, who are mercilessly murdered, crucified, tortured and beheaded in many Muslim countries. Good for the Slovaks! They looked at the consequences of Muslim immigration in Europe, their unwillingness (or inability) to assimilate into European society, and refused to join a suicidal pack of open border do-gooders on their path of self destruction. Also, they learned from history that the word “slave” has the same root (slav) as their country’s name (Slovakia) because during early Middle Ages European Slavs were often enslaved by Muslims. They know that Muslims do not coexist with other religions – they conquer them. They do not build mosques next to the churches & synagogues – they destroy symbols of other religions and replace them with theirs. And look at the duplicitous policy of the UN – they don’t ask 57 Muslim countries (many of them are quite rich) to take their Muslim brothers because they know the answer they would get.  Click here


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