Disaster of “free” public education

Joke from the article:
Guy walks into a restaurant. Says to the waitress, “I’d like some scrambled eggs and some kind words.” She brings the eggs. The guy smiles, “Now how about the kind words?” Waitress whispers, “Don’t eat the eggs.”
Apparently democrats themselves do not enjoy scrambled eggs of public education system they are cooking for the last 50 years. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan decided to send his children to a private school. Same with Carters, Obamas, Clintons and other limousine liberals. No news in that, but it proves once more that their socialist brainchild – “free” public school system – is a total failure. Two reasons for that: #1. because it is “free” meaning that somebody else is paying for your child’s education (you get what you paid for – not much), and #2. because it is public (meaning that there is no choice, no competition and no accountability). Add to that dictatorial teachers’ unions that protect unqualified teachers and force teachers who oppose their policies to pay union dues against their will – and you get the picture. Only super-rich can afford private schools, because they need to pay twice – for the failed public school system (through taxes) and in addition for the private school of their choice.  Milton Friedman’s question comes to mind – who would spend money more efficiently and achieve better results? – you who spend you own hard-earned money for your own child’s education or the government bureaucrat who spend other people’s money for the children he does not know and does not care about? Click here


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