Message to socialist Bernie Sanders from the “Black Lives Matter” crowd

Bernie Sanders was pushed aside and forced to leave the stage without delivering his remarks  by the Black Lives Matter crowd. Here is their message. We don’t want your tiring talk about redistribution of wealth. We want black power now. We don’t need another white liberal telling us what to do. We are mad as hell! After six years of Barack Obama & Eric Holder, we are still not in charge, police force around the country is still not eviscerated. Immigrants from Mexico  and Central America take our jobs. It may be good for the Democrats, but it’s not good for us. Our pitchforks are ready! What can you do – white old Jewish socialist, who prospered using your “white privilege”? For us you are just another white liberal supremacist. “Black lives matter”! We are revolutionaries, led by Michelle Obama’s slogan “to shape revolutions of our time”. If we take power – you will be thrown out into the dustbin of history, and (like Leon Trotsky by Stalin), you will be exiled to Mexico, and you know what happened to him. So go away, we don’t want your friendship, your support, your idea of peaceful transformation to socialism. We want power and we want it now! Update: From now on, Sen. Sanders lets Black Lives Matter kick-off his presidential events. If you can not fight them – join them!

Click hererodney-dangerfield-no-respect[1]


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