Given a choice, I would never kiss Hammer and Sickle

RIP, Omar Sharif. He was a good actor – ostracized by Muslim world for kissing a Jewish woman (Barbra Streisand) in “Funny Girl”.  I don’t agree with the Muslims’ reasoning, but I wouldn’t kiss her either – given a choice, I would never kiss Hammer and Sickle.

Russian nuclear bomber fly 40 miles from California cost

“Good morning American pilots, we are here to greet you on your Fourth of July Independence Day,” a Russian Tu-95 Bear nuclear bomber crew member stated over the emergency aircraft channel flying 40 miless off the Nothern California coast.

Swift response from Obama administration:
1. Cut US Military by 40,000.                                                                                                 2. Release Russian spys
3. Remove guns from some Social Security recepients
4 Gun free zones on military bases & recruitment centers
5. Replace “husband” & “wife” with “spouse” in US Laws

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Wishful thinking of the Leftist Jews

The easiest way to reach an agreement … is to surrender. Jewish leaders are optimistic that Iranian mullahs (while chanting death to America & death to Jews) will follow new nuclear agreement. The sad fact is that in 1930s’ Germany there were two types of Jews – optimists and pessimists. Pessimists ended up in America, unrealistic optimists – in gas chambers.

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