Lessons from History

When country is ruled not by the “rule of law but by shifting public opinion, feel-good attitudes of American people, we-know-better attitudes of the US Government and threats by the lawless “revolutionary” minorities – violent crowds will take over and elected dictators will come to power. Those who allow blatant violations of the law, “give space” to the violent mob, should remember history. French revolutionaries (who lured uneducated masses by  fictitious Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité slogans) were guillotined without trial few years after the revolt by their own brethren. Russian old guard bolsheviks (who promised prosperity and brotherhood but delivered hunger and terror), were dispensed with twenty years later by the new generation of power-hungry communists. Here in US, after the mob will dispense with vestiges of so called “white privilege”, real struggle for power will start between rival minority groups. With law enforcement demoralized and marginalized by PC crowds, the country will be ready for takeover by the communists and/or religious fanatics. So be careful what you wish for. Here is just one example of things to come. Click here


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