Racist Thomas Jefferson?

At a time when American sheeple, under the threat of being called racists, like a stampeding herd rushing to erase all vestiges of the confederate flag in order to stop racial violence instigated and promoted by Obama administration – what is wrong with suggestion to remove statue of Thomas Jefferson (father of the Democrat Party) from the Jefferson Memorial? Who would want to commemorate a person who said that “blacks are inferior to the whites in the endowments of both body and mind”? Click here


2 thoughts on “Racist Thomas Jefferson?

    1. Wish it would not happen, but it is legal. Don’t want to banish it. Amazon, EBay, etc selling Nazi stuff right now. Stampede to stop selling confederate flag is ridiculous. After Amazon and EBay did it, sales soared 10-fold for other companies. Apple banned flag but then reversed the ban… Confused PC hypocrites are scared of the unruly mob they themselves created and promoted! Fake outrage is promoted by race hustlers like BHO, Sharpton, Jackson etc… Bad ideas come from hearts and minds, not from shopping shelves. You cannot wipe out racism/naziism by the threats or dictatorial decrees…
      two faced Janus


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